301+ Rural-Living Country Blog and Page Name Ideas (2023)

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If you’ve lived your whole life in the city, the idea of living the simple life in the country can seem appealing. There’s something calming about being surrounded by nature instead of cars, pollution, and people that make life slower paced. While there are still plenty of people who enjoy the city lights, I personally choose a quiet night under the moonlight.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own cabin in the countryside or live on a farm, consider blogging about life there. It might sound weird, but you could build a community around your day-to-day life from folks that are interested in farming, homesteading or country living.

One example I love to share is from founder of the the MN Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson. At the time of writing, MN Millennial Farmer YouTube channel has nearly 900,000 subscribers and gets more than half-a-million views each day on average. Even with conservative estimates making only $4 per 1,000 page views the channel would gross $720,000 per year. Zach confirmed in numerous interviews that his media company now makes more than the farm.

The concept of MN Millennial Farmer shows is simple. You get to watch Zach solve all sorts of different problems around the farm. You see him fixing equipment, plowing fields, moving snow, and worrying about the weather. Viewers love watching these videos and it’s an approach literally anyone with a small farm could use to build a niche media company. Your neighbors may feel country life is boring, but there are plenty of people that find this content really interesting.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and starting writing or recording videos about rural life, I’ve listed more than 300 name ideas you can use. Let’s do this.

  • Country Blog Name Ideas
  • Country Page Name Ideas
  • Homestead Blog Name Ideas
  • Country Cooking Blog Company Name Ideas
  • Rural Blog Name Ideas
  • Sustainable Living Blog Name Ideas
  • Country Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

301+ Rural-Living Country Blog and Page Name Ideas (1)

Country Blog Name Ideas

  • The Simple Living
  • Cozy Living Country Home
  • Country Lover Nook
  • Fresh Country Life
  • Your Tiny Country Cottage
  • Life In The Rural Area
  • The Simple Life
  • Living The Simple Life
  • Country Living Blog
  • English Country Living
  • Keep It Cozy
  • Shabby Chick Life
  • Goodbye City Life
  • Your Country Life Neighbor
  • Living The Country Life
  • Katie’s Country-Style Life
  • Moving To The South
  • Making A Living
  • Outdoor Living
  • The Best Life Outdoors
  • The Swinging Pees
  • Dirty Toes Country Living Blog

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  • Simplicity At Its Finest
  • Simple Loving Life
  • Exquisite Life In The South
  • Where The Good Life Begins
  • Experimental Country Life
  • Country Living Townies
  • The Simple Life
  • Life By The Mountains
  • Rural Living At Its Finest
  • Backpacker’s Simple Country Life
  • The Couple’s Retreat
  • Eva’s Country Life Blog
  • The White-Haired Old Man’s Country Life
  • Living In Heaven Country-Style
  • Peaceful Country Living Life
  • No More City Living
  • We Chose The Good Life
  • The Good Years In The Country Side
  • Growing Old At The Country Side
  • Country Road Ahead
  • Life Away From The City
  • Homeland Loving
  • Switching To Country Living
  • Waiting For Eggs To Hatch
  • Country Boy Outside The City
  • City Girl Trying Out Country Living
  • Hatching Eggs In The Countryside
  • Morning Dew With Mountain View
  • Fresh Living, Fresh Air
  • Bow To The Cow Country Blog
  • Open The Country Door
  • Grass-Filled Footprints
  • Swayed By The Southern Beauty
  • The Faraway Land
  • Country Living Daily Log
  • The Country Hype
  • The Jaded Country Lifestyle
  • Affluent Country Girl
  • Made In The Countryside
  • Sweet Country Dreams
  • The Provincial Life
  • Your Homey Country Girl
  • Rustic Dreams Made Of Hay
  • Outland Living To The Fullest
  • The Genius Country-style Blog
  • Cozy Country Life
  • Zest Country Lifestyle

301+ Rural-Living Country Blog and Page Name Ideas (2)

The serene countryside life surrounded by vast greenery.

(Video) #51 Endless Days of Summer: Slow Life in the Countryside

Country Page Name Ideas

  • The Humble House
  • Down To Earth Living
  • Practice Simplicity
  • The Experimental Life
  • All About Country Living
  • Leaving The City Life
  • Life In The Farm
  • Farm Life With Two Kids
  • Living Large In The Countryside
  • Country Loving
  • Everything About Country Living
  • Lady Bee’s Country Living
  • Life At The Country Side
  • Living Life At The Country Side
  • Your Country Living Boy Next Door
  • Your Homie’s Life In The Country Side
  • Switch Your Location
  • Mountain Loving Couple
  • Reach The Clouds Lifestyle Blog
  • Embracing The Farm Life
  • Farm Life Chose Us
  • Living The Slow Life
  • Country Diary 24/7
  • Sweet Country Smell
  • The Southern Citizen
  • Off-Road Home Life
  • The Old Man’s Country Blog
  • Farmhouse Mayhem
  • Modern Life By The Countryside
  • Living The Quiet Countryside Life
  • Rustic Living By The Mountains
  • We Are Domesticated
  • The Domesticated Life Uphill
  • Certified Country Girl Blog
  • The Local Country-style Life
  • Cloned City
  • Country Clowning Page
  • The Vertical Country Life
  • Bitter Life At The Countryside
  • Uphill Cabin Country Living
  • Bungalow Country Home
  • Serendipity Life At The Countryside
  • Colorful Life At The Countryside
  • Covered Grounds Country Living

301+ Rural-Living Country Blog and Page Name Ideas (3)

Show your countryside.

Homestead Blog Name Ideas

  • Farmland Living Is The Best
  • Life On A Homestead
  • Fresh Living 24/7
  • Homestead Survival 101
  • How To Enjoy Homestead Living
  • Homestead Experts Lifestyle Blog
  • Homestead Believer
  • Cobble Hills Farm Life
  • The Mountain Top Cabin Life
  • Pure Living In The Mountains
  • Chicken Life Homestead Living
  • Backyard Homestead Living
  • Better Living By The Mountain
  • Comfy Homestead Lifestyle
  • Monster Homestead Expert
  • Your Reliable Homestead Housewife
  • Extra Living Homestead Lifestyle
  • Organic Living By The Mountains
  • Homestead Seasonal Living
  • Always Choosing The Homestead Lifestyle

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  • Switch It Up To Homestead Life
  • Life By The Farm
  • Farmhouse Living 101
  • The Secrets Of Farm Life
  • Homestead Experts
  • Living The Homestead Life
  • Living At The Hacienda
  • Quiet Estate Living
  • Orchard Beauty Land
  • Quaint Manor Life
  • Steady Homestead Living
  • Farm Life With Farm Animals
  • Farm Addict
  • Certified Farmhouse Lover
  • Single Mama In A Farmhouse

Country Cooking Blog Company Name Ideas

  • Country-Style Home Cooking
  • The Sweet Life Baking Blog
  • Your Southern Chef
  • Country-Side Kitchen Blog
  • Desserts From The South
  • Southern Lifestyle Cooking Mama
  • Country Bites Cookie Mayhem
  • The Best Country Cooking Chef
  • Chef From The South
  • Dessert Maker Grandma
  • Sweet Style Southern Desserts
  • Madam Seyer’s Southern Cooking Blog
  • Cook Book From The South
  • Secret Recipes Of Southern People
  • Growing Up With The Secret Recipes
  • The Finest Southern Cuisine
  • All Your Favorite Southern Food
  • Nothing Beats The Southern-Style Home Cooking
  • Keep Them Cooking
  • Cooking For The Country Homies
  • The Promise Of Good Country-Style Food
  • Mouthwatering Country-Style Home Cooking
  • Grandma’s Country Cooking Home Recipe
  • Cook On The Countryside
  • For The Love Of Country-style Food
  • Will Always Fly For Food
  • Countryside Cuisine Culture
  • Country Flavors 101
  • The Best Countryside Cooking
  • Change To Good Cooking Habits
  • The Strict Countryside Diet
  • Whole Food Living
  • Oh Country-style Cheesecake
  • Your Sweet Surrender
  • Crazy For Countryside Cuisine
  • The Best Cook In The South
  • Growing Up With A Cook
  • Make It Tasty
  • The Sweetest Savory Sweets
  • Baked Home-Style Cookies
  • Oven-Baked By The Chef
  • Southern Cooking MAMA
  • Tangled Spaghetti
  • Bread & Butter Country Cooking Blog
  • Heavenly Goodness Cooking Blog
  • Smell The Butter
  • Serious Easter
  • Sunny-Side Up Cooking Blog
  • Southern Food Lab
  • Tasty Country Treats
  • Country Kitchen
  • The Brown Brownie
  • Lemon And Cookie Cooking Blog
  • Chef
  • Southern-Style Cookbook
  • Life In The Kitchen
  • Classic Country Recipe
  • Sounds Yummy Smells Tasty
  • A Pinch Of Salt
  • Dessert Favorites Cooking Journal
  • Steamed By The Oven
  • Your Last Bite
  • Baking For Joy Country Cooking Blog
  • Sweetest Honey Pies Country-Style
  • Better Than Meat
  • Sprinkled Chocolate
  • Sugar And Kisses
  • Grandma’s Old Recipes
  • The Chef’s Choice
  • Spiced Up
  • Heaven Sweetened Goods

301+ Rural-Living Country Blog and Page Name Ideas (4)

Can you imagine living here for the rest of your life?

Rural Blog Name Ideas

  • Rural Living
  • Make It Rural
  • We Choose The Rural Life
  • Nothing Better Than Rural Living
  • Rustic Living
  • Living The Rustic Life
  • The Farming World
  • Rural Is Best Blog
  • Rural Makes It Worthy
  • Living With Nothing
  • Simple Living At Its Finest
  • We Went Down Rural
  • Sweet Life At The Rural Area
  • Make The Switch To The Rural Life
  • All In One Back Pack
  • Packing Light
  • Grew Up In The Rural
  • Life Outside The City
  • Raising Kids In The Rural Area
  • City Living Isn’t For Us
  • Why We Made The Move
  • Your Wholesome Rural Blog
  • Life At Rural Areas
  • Rural Lady Warriors
  • Urban Life No More
  • Blog Rural
  • Team Rural For Life
  • Rural Bound Lifestyle Blog
  • Living The Rural Life
  • Life With Kids At The Rural Area
  • Off The Grid Rural Life
  • How I Went To Live The Rural Life
  • A Digital Nomad In Rural Areas
  • WanderLust Rural Life
  • Focusing On Everything Rural
  • Achieving Rural Highness
  • The Chaotic Rural Life
  • Real World Rural Blog
  • Provincial Nest
  • Rustic Lifestyle
  • Keep It Rustic
  • The Quiet Life
  • Rural City Dwellers
  • Enter The Rural World
  • Rural Module
  • Rural Crest Lifestyle Blog
  • Simple But Sweet Rural Life
  • Sundown Rural Life
  • Over At Rural Living
  • Pros At Provincial Life
  • Life At The Province
  • Why Move To Rural Areas
  • Growing Old At The Farm
  • Daily Farming Habits
  • Old Cow’s Farm
  • The Daily Hay

Sustainable Living Blog Name Ideas

  • Easy Living
  • Nature Loving
  • Green Nature
  • Zero Waste Living
  • Green Lifestyle
  • Going Green Lifestyle Blog
  • Make It Green Lifestyle Blog
  • Toss The Trash
  • Eco-Friendly Living
  • Eco Princess Lifestyle Blog
  • Queen Eco Living
  • Eco Footprint Lifestyle
  • Sustain Your Living
  • The Green Life Lifestyle Blog
  • Attainable Living
  • The Girl With A Sustainable Life
  • The Zero Waste Living
  • Eco Living
  • Sustainable Momma
  • Eco Chick On The Block
  • Nature’s Best Choice
  • Trash The Trash Eco Living Blog
  • Sustainability Lifestyle Blog
  • Always Choosing The Green Life
  • We Love Mother Earth Lifestyle Blog
  • How We Sustain Our Life
  • Switching To The Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Keep Your Green Promise

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  • Eco Life Is Our Life
  • How We Save The Earth
  • Tiny Hands Saving Mother Earth
  • Making Movements For The Earth
  • Growing Greens In Life
  • Taking The Eco Footprint ON
  • Planting Greens Everyday
  • Make The Right Choice
  • Ali’s Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Blog
  • Handy Mandy’s Sustainable Life
  • Green Living, Living BIG
  • Pro Eco Life Is The Best Life
  • Jack’s Nature-First Blog
  • How We Managed To Go Green
  • We Take Action For The Earth
  • Earth Is Our Best Friend
  • Rollie Polly Eco-Friendly
  • One Fine Green Day
  • Dust To Must Sustainable Lifestyle Blog
  • Hey Sally Go Green Blog
  • Taking The Daily Greens
  • Growing Greens Naturally
  • Organic Living, Organic Blog
  • Greenwashing Lifestyle Blog
  • Evergreen Home Living Blog
  • Living Without Trash
  • The Green Leaf
  • Living Large Sustainable Blog
  • Live Large Green World
  • Stay Healthy, Stay Sustainable
  • Collectively Green Lifestyle
  • The Weekly Greens

301+ Rural-Living Country Blog and Page Name Ideas (5)

You can only get views like this in the country.

Country Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

  • Country Force Living
  • Make It Country Style
  • Homeland Homie
  • Country Region Life
  • Living Large By The Mountains
  • The Farm Life Chose Us
  • Waking Up With Chickens
  • Cow Head Lifestyle
  • Never Hungry Country Lifestyle Blog
  • The Queen Of Country-Style Living
  • Southern Country Living For The Best
  • The Country Confidential
  • Bedtime Stories From The Mountains
  • Untouched & Unbothered Lifestyle Blog
  • Positive Living In The Countryside
  • Glamour And Country Trade
  • Weekends At The Countryside
  • Happily Ever After At Country Living
  • The Urban Couple’s Countryside Adventures
  • Raising Cows At The Farmland
  • Blogging Countryside Goodness
  • Country Babe Blog
  • Greens And Mountains Country-style Blog
  • Digital Nomad’s Country Living Madness
  • The Country-style Life
  • Walking On Green Life
  • Country Living Digital Diary
  • Country Style Treasures
  • Daily Country Dash
  • The Green Sizzling Flair
  • Blogging At The Country Side
  • Blog Country Living

Not everyone of course is cut out for rural life. Many people enjoy this lifestyle full or part-time. I personally grew up in Northwest, Minnesota and recently visited there last month. Many of my past classmates love the simple life and work on farms or live in small towns with less than 5,000 people.

There are in many cases miles of space between neighbors. If you live in a place like this don’t overlook the potential or discount your lifestyle. There are plenty of people who find your life interesting and unique. Now get out there and start sharing your small-town story.

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301+ Rural-Living Country Blog and Page Name Ideas (6)

Brett Lindenberg is the founder of Food Truck Empire and Food Empire Pro. Brett's mission is help to entrepreneurs start and grow profitable food businesses. Since 2014, Brett has interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs on the Food Empire Pro podcast and written hundreds of blog posts on all aspects of food business. Brett has been quoted in media outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, and The Washington Post. You can reach Brett directly on Facebook or Twitter.

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Whats a good name for a lifestyle blog? ›

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