Can You Replace Just the Handle on an Outdoor Faucet? (Explained) (2023)

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You can replace the handle on an outdoor faucet if it’s leaking, broken or you want a new design. Turn off the water, drain the waterline, evaluate the exposed areas for blockages and remove the old handle. Then, clean the area, set the new handle, and finish by testing if it’s working.

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Are Outdoor Faucet Handles Universal?

Most of the outdoor faucet handles in the market nowadays are universal. And you can choose to upgrade and replace your outdated outdoor handles to give them a unique look. Replacing the handles is very simple and also an inexpensive alternative to reinstating the whole faucet.

The best thing with the universal handles is, they can work on a majority of the existing spigot. As for the large handles, they are always durable and you use them with wrenches, spacers, and adapters.


Types of Outdoor Faucet Handle

Some of the common options for the outdoor spigot handles currently in the market are as follows;

Faucet Grip Handle

It’s a large handle for the outside spigot and you can easily turn the water on and then off. It allows for a better grasp as it offers a surface that you can grip and it also provides extra leverage. As a universal handle, it’s perfect for people who have got issues with the small metal handles.

It can connect to most of the latticework hose bib spigot handles. This is regardless of whether they are oval or round. Besides, it deters dripping from a leaky tap and it’s created from durable plastic.

And therefore, it deals with either extreme cold or hot climates. Many people gain much from using these handles. For instance, those who find it hard twisting the small handles.

And Individuals who suffer from hand soreness and arthritis.

Hose Bibb Tee Handle

This type of handle is a small spigot attachment and is commonly connected to a hose faucet. It also has a sixteen or twelve-point stem. It is long-lasting and its stem is squared.

If you choose to buy it, you will have easier access to water. And just like the others, it is durable and also well built. Moreover, it will serve you for a longer period after its installation.

Round Wheel Handles

You can use this handle when fixing broken faucets. It is also compatible with most faucets and normally has a standard fit. It does have a wide ergonomic setup, and it is, therefore, easy to operate.

(Video) Leaky Outdoor Water Faucet

And also comfortable compared to the conventional faucet handles. Moreover, it’s reliable for continual use, it avoids corrosion and rust. It is also accompanied by adapters and screws for easier installation.

For many people, wheel handles are simple to use anytime they need to replace the spigot without the need of an expert.

Turn Hose Bibb Handle

Its main composition is brass. It has a ball valve handle that is simple to work with and it uses a quarter spin. This handle has a complete port design, which then permits an unrestricted flow of water. This occurs despite whatever you are busy accomplishing.

It is effective since you just need to twist it a quarter turn for maximum access to water. This is great as opposed to turning it on lots of rotations to gain a high pressure.

Therefore, if you are among those who are in search of a free water flow and a straightforward solution, then it’s for you.

Can You Replace Just the Handle on an Outdoor Faucet? (Explained) (2)

Can You Replace Just the Outdoor Faucet Handle?

You can replace your outdoor faucet handle. However, a majority of spigot installation is always done together with the handles. Despite that, it won’t last for eternity as issues may arise.

And if that is the case, you will need to replace the handle of your outdoor faucet. Some shops provide a wide variety of handle brands. Like the Delta metal handles and many more.

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And they are also of different types, hence you get the best ones. The main reason many people replace their handles is because of breakages. Though that’s not the only reason, you can decide to buy one just to upgrade your faucet’s handle.

Truth be told, in case you get a cheaper faucet handle, it may help in terms of operations. But for a great design, it won’t be there. Hence, you can decide to opt for an expensive one with the design you love.

You can visit a plumbing store and choose from the many handles. For instance, they vary from the current lever handles to the classic ones. And when you visit stores with high-value brands, you will get amazing products for all the purchases you make.

How Do You Replace an Outside Faucet Handle?

You can easily replace an outside faucet handle. And you can do the replacement in case the handle is worn out or if there is water leakage.

When you have your outside faucet in excellent condition, you find it easy to avoid wasting water, as it’s also simple to use.

Anytime you want to do a replacement, ensure you use quality handles. Also, ensure your faucet is well tightened to avoid leakage from the handle. To understand how to replace your outdoor faucet handle, follow these easy-to-understand steps;

Shut Off the Water

This is what you should start with before you detach the pipes. Remember, water is always flowing from the metropolitan pipes on the street towards your residence. When you halt the water flow to carry on with the plumbing undertaking, everything will be kept dry.

You need to trace the metal plate which covers the water meter. It’s on the street edge of your residence. Hold it up and you will see the said meter.


Then proceed to turn off the valve. You need a device known as the meter key to perform this, as it has a metal groove that fits over a knob.

Drain the Water Line

After turning off the water, you can then turn on your tap to allow it to drain all the water in the line. Once it’s done, you will be set to discard the faucet. The one which rests outside your house is a pipe and it ranges between eight and sixteen inches long.

You can use a pipe wrench to turn the faucet counterclockwise. This will allow the unthreading of the connection to your property’s water line.

Inspect All the Exposed Sections

Scan the exposed areas of your outdoor faucet. You need to confirm if there is blockage, rust, or corrosion before you clean it with a tiny stiff brush. Some spigots possess plastic discs which hold them in place.

Examine if they are in a favorable condition and then replace them if need be.

Discard the Handle

This will entail removing the fasteners that are holding it in position. You can then discard the screw using a wrench or screwdriver or even both. Then slowly shake the faucet handle as you pull it to remove the obsolete handle from the stem.

Tidy the Area and Set Up the New Handle

Tidy up the exposed section using a tiny and stiff brush. This will help you eliminate any corrosion or gunk. Fix the other handle and then put back the fastener.

In case the current hardware fits the outdated stem, you can use it. Ensure it is properly secured before you turn on the water.

(Video) Outdoor SPIGOT LEAKING From the Handle fix w/ Valve Packing Rope

Test the New Handle

Complete by turning on your residence’s water supply and then test that handle if it works well.


I hope you now understand that you can replace your outdoor faucet handle. You can easily do it yourself and if you cannot, then consider reaching out to a professional.


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