How Long Does Bondi Sands Last? Expiration, Shelf Life, Storage (2023)

How long does Bondi sands last? Bondi Sands is an Australian-made and globally loved self-tanning brand.

Inspired by Australia’s most well-known beach, this self-tanning product, is about sand, sea, and sun and the lifestyle that comes with it.

Established in 2012 and operating in Oceania as well as the United States of America (USA) United Kingdom (UK), and Europe,

The brand specializes in self-tanners, suncare, skincare, and cosmetics that work to give an even, naturally golden tan that hydrates and nourishes the skin.

So, how long does Bondi Sands last once open?
Bondi sands like most self-tanners have a shelf life of about one year (12 months), after opening. The shelf-life of Bondi sands can vary depending on the storage condition.

When unnecessarily exposed to air and heat sources, it will expire quickly.

How Long Does Bondi Sands Last Unopened?

As with many other cosmetics, the expiry date of Bondi sands starts from the first time the product is opened not when you bought it. Unopened, it can stay for 12 to 18 months.

Provided it is still unopened, the product will remain good, this is because when closed it didn’t react with air until you open it.


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How Long Does Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Last?

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold which is infused with the fresh scent of Coconut and hydrating Argan Oil takes over 6 hours to develop into perfectly bronzed skin that glows from within and lasts for up to a week.

Bondi sands self-tanning dry oil is one of the longest-lasting tans and conveniently requires no wash-off.

How Long Does Bondi Sands Aero Tan Last?

Your Bondi Sands Aero tan should last between 5 days to 7 days, although, everyone’s skin naturally exfoliates at a different rate.

With good preparation and moisturizing, Aero tan can last even longer than this period.

Does Bondi Sands Expire?

Yes, Bondi sands do go out of date after a certain amount of time, and you should keep that in mind when using them.

Although there aren’t any health threats to using them after they have expired,

It’s a waste of time and money because of the various chemicals

And other ingredients inside it that do the active work would have all expired making it ineffective as it should have been.

Do Bondi Sands Develop After Washed Off?

After washing off, the color of Bondi sands will continue to develop into a much richer shade, for a couple of hours.

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The result will be a perfect blend of warmth and natural tan that would suit several skin tones regardless of how tanned or fair your natural skin tone is.

How Long Does Bondi Sands Last After Expiration Date?

Bondi sands can last up to 6 months and more from the expiration date before they eventually go bad.

To know if it’s still active to use you need to conduct a few tests on it.

You must perform a patch test 24 hours before using the Sands that may be out of date.

You will be able to see if your skin will react to the self-tanner.

How Do You Make Bondi Sands Last Longer?

To make Bondi sands last longer, you need to tightly

  1. Close the product after each use to avoid the penetration of bacteria and limit the exposure to air which can fasten the degradation of the product.
  2. Store at a cool temperature as exposure to direct sunlight and heat sources will react with the active ingredient in the product and cause it to become ineffective.
  3. Avoid contact with liquids. Allowing liquid content into the product will not introduce bacteria into the product but it will also cause the product to degrade in quality.

How Often Should You Fake Tan Bondi Sands?

Bondi tan last between five to seven days. It is recommended you reapply every one to two weeks If you’re looking to keep up your sun-kissed glow.

How Long Does Bondi Sands Take To Develop After Washing?

The dihydroxyacetone (DHA) present in Bondi sands will continue to develop on your skin till about 8 hours after washing.

Does Bondi Sands Develop After Shower?

The color definitely develops the most 8 hours after a shower and will last up to 5 or 7 days depending on your skin type and how well it’s kept Moisturized

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What Does Bondi Sands Smell Like?

Bondi sands have a fresh coconut scent. It is easy, quick, and gives a nice glow while smelling like coconut during application.

10 Best Types Of Bondi Sands

  1. Self-Tanning Mitt (durable, double-sided mitt that flawlessly gives a tinted glow)
  2. Dark Self Tanning Foam enriched with aloe Vera and coconut, this unique salon-quality formula gives the ultimate natural, bronzed glow.
  3. Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk
    With a cocoa butter scent, this 24-hour hydrating body moisturizer provides a gradual, bronzed tan. (Cover Tanning Oils with Aloe Vera).
  4. Self Tan Eraser
    This soothing aloe vera formula removes self-tan effectively and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth post-removal.
  5. Self-Tanning Back (ideal for easily applying self-tanner on hard-to-reach areas from head to toe).
  6. Dark Self Tanning Foam + Application Mitt
    Self Tanning Foam + Application Mitt has coconut and aloe vera for a hydrated bronzed glow. It also prevents streaks and stains.
  7. Liquid Gold
    Enriched with argan oil, this self-tanning dry oil leaves the skin moisturized and features a spray nozzle for mess-free application.
  8. 1-Hour Express Self Tanning Foam. (quick drying, the ultra-lightweight aerosol formula provides a rich, flawless, and natural, dark tan easily and quickly)
  9. Light or Medium Self-Tanning Foam + Application Mitt
    Give a hydrated bronzed glow and prevents streaks and stains just like Bondi sands dark self-tanning foam + application mitt.
  10. Exfoliation Mitt
    This mitt removes dry skin, prepares the skin for self-tan, removes dry skin cells, and corrects tanning errors for the perfect glow.

Can You Put Two Layers Of Bondi Sand On?

Double coating of Bondi sand depends on personal choice, when you want an extra deeper long-lasting tan you can apply it every 2 to 3 days to your liking.

This helps maintain the Bondis’ tan.

How To Tell If Bondi Sands Has Expired

Detecting if the Bondi has expired with the smell sense can be a little bit difficult as the tanner smells naturally during application.

Anyways, if you notice a change in smell from the one you are familiar with, the product is probably expired.

You can also conduct a visual test on the product. This is the easiest way to check if the Bondi has expired or not.

If you notice any changes in color the product has certainly expired due to exposure to air.

Should I Moisturize Before Bondi Sands?

It is very important to moisturize for at least 24 hours before applying Sands.

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However, avoid moisturizing your skin immediately before applying Sands as the moisturizer acts as a barrier,

Preventing the tanning formula from accessing the skin and causing your tanning lotion to go on unevenly.

10 Best Alternatives For Bondi Sands

  1. St.Tropez Tan (Best application)
  2. Isle of Paradise self-tanning butter (Best for dry skin)
  3. Bali Body self-tanning mousse in dark (Best instant dark tan)
  4. St Moriz color correcting mousse (Best budget fake tan)
  5. St Tropez self-tan express bronzing gel (Best customizable color).
  6. Effin Hair effin light to medium tanning mousse (Best for layering)
  7. St Tropez purity bronzing water gel (Best for beginners)
  8. Utan cherry and almond turbo mousse (Best for a deep tan)
  9. Doll Beauty doll tan (Best scent)
  10. Tan luxe

Which Is The Longest Lasting Faking Tan?

B.tan forever + ever Self Tanning Mousse is the longest-lasting fake tan.

Can You Shave After Fake Tanning?

After fake tanning, you need to wait for at least 8 hours before you shave for the first time. when shaving,

Use an oil-free moisturizing body wash, not traditional shaving cream as most of them contain alcohol and heavy detergents that can strip your tan.


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Bondi has the best smell when compared to other self-tanners, the formula can be washed off after 1 hour to give a nice olive color.

Bondi is hydrating and enriched with antioxidants, vitamin E, and aloe vera so it’s great for the skin while prolonging your tan.

Remember, I started with the question ” how long does Bondi sands last ”



Does Bondi Sands fake tan go out of date? ›

Our tanning products do expire, like many other products. Although they are non-toxic, when they reach their expiration date, they are not as effective. Expired self-tanners will not give you the kind of tan you want. Rather, your skin may have blemishes and won't absorb the self-tanner as effectively.

What is the shelf life of self-tanners? ›

For most self tanning products, the expiration date (once the tan has been opened) is one year. This applies to all of the following sunless tanning products: Self tanning lotions.

Can you go over old fake tan? ›

While it can be tempting to just layer one tan over another, it really IS important to remove any lingering colour first. This will ensure a beautiful even colour and help prevent streaks, patches and an uneven fade.

How long does Bondi Sands self-tanner last? ›

Once applied you can wash the tan off after just 1 hour, but for a deeper long lasting tan leave on your skin for up 8 hours. It really is personal choice. You might have to test it out a few times, to work out what suits you the best! For best results, we recommend letting your tan develop 6-8 hours.

What happens if you use out of date Bondi Sands? ›

The main difference you'll notice when using an expired self-tanner is probably the consistency and the formula. Usually, the oils and other ingredients will separate, and it will either go very watery or thick and lumpy. If this has happened to your self-tanner, you'll definitely notice it.

How do you know if tanning lotion is expired? ›

Some tanning lotions do, indeed, have expiration dates. You will be able to find this date printed on the side of the bottle. If your bottle does not have an expiration date printed on it, that does not mean you are in the clear. These lotions tend to be at their peak effectiveness in their first 3 years of life.

How long does tanning lotion last before expiring? ›

On average, tanning lotions have a shelf life of up to 12 months. They can be used after this period, but they are likely not to provide the results they used to or the ones you are looking for. Over time, the liquid component in tanning lotions is likely to evaporate.

How can I extend the life of my fake tan? ›

Once you've applied your self tanner, it is crucial that you keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. This will prolong the tan and keep you from drying out. Lotion, moisturizing body wash, and dry oil are all great ways to keep your skin quenched. Drinking lots of water will keep you and your skin hydrated as well.

What happens if you tan over old tan? ›

There's no reason why you can't apply sunless tanner over a suntan – you'll deepen your existing colour, creating a richer, layered hue that balances out an uneven complexion. But remember that this won't make your tan last any longer; it will simply make it darker.

Why does my Bondi Sands look green? ›

"Fake tan reacts with the amino acids in the dead layer of your skin to turn you a temporary bronzed color. If the tan is exposed to oxygen or too much heat, the guide color can turn green."

Which Bondi Sands tan last the longest? ›

The advanced formula provides the longest-lasting tan within the Bondi Sands range.

Should you moisturise before fake tanning Bondi Sands? ›

The next step to ensuring you get an even base for your self tan is to moisturise. If you're exfoliating the day before you tan, apply a layer of moisturiser all over your body after showering to stop any dryness creeping back in.

How long after applying Bondi Sands can I put clothes on? ›

Once you've successfully self-tanned, wait until the products have dried completely before attempting to put on any clothes. We recommend at least 10 minutes, but keep checking any problem areas, such as under the arms or behind the knees, to see how they're drying. If you're still tacky, it's too early!

Why is my fake tan mousse green? ›

Oxidation is the inclusion of oxygen into the product, and it's this which will turn your fake tan green as it breaks down the DHA. To avoid this you should store your product in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

How long does unopened sun tan lotion last? ›

Check your sunscreen bottle for an expiration date to see if it's still effective. Even unopened bottles can expire after three years. Heat and sun can also make sunscreen less effective before the expiration date, so toss opened SPF after a year.


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