The Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies of 2022 (2023)

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Lead generation software helps real estate agents find clients and close deals. This software helps agents advertise in local areas and provide leads for both buyers and sellers in those target areas, who are looking for certain types of properties.

We reviewed over a dozen different lead generation services, taking into consideration features, pricing, and real estate and customer reviews, before we decided on the best. We looked for companies that produce top-quality leads from social media, multiple listing service (MLS), brokerage websites, and listing sites. Here are the best real estate lead generation companies to help you grow your business.

The Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies of 2022

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

  • Market Leader
  • BoldLeads
  • Zurple
  • Zillow Premier Agent
  • Offrs
  • Zoho CRM
  • REDX
  • Methodology

Best Overall : Market Leader

Why We Chose It

Market Leader tops our list of real estate lead generation companies because it offers robust features, buyer and seller leads from multiple sources, and easy setup.

Market Leader offers a guaranteed number of exclusive leads each month, and it never sells the same lead twice, so you won’t be competing with another agent for the lead. Market Leader sells leads from its site, which attracts prospective sellers when they’re trying to value their homes. A second source is Leads Direct, which is a pay-per-click advertising campaign targeted at consumers who are looking for home listings.

To get started with Market Leader, create a profile, customize your alerts, and add and organize your contacts. The company’s pricing varies based on how many leads you sign up for. You'll pay a set cost per lead and a monthly fee for other services such as CRM.

The company has also introduced its Market Leader Professional, which includes a fully integrated lead capture website, CRM, and marketing center to seamlessly engage and manage leads. With this service, you can capture powerful insights in the CRM when visitors register on your website and leverage automated marketing to send relevant listings.

Overall, Market Leader has positive reviews. Some agents applaud the platform's exclusive leads and report that the service is easy to use and helped them grow their business. However, there are also some common complaints about the company, including that leads aren’t always reliable and customer service is sometimes not helpful.

Pros & Cons


  • Offers plans for agents as well as brokerages

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  • Guaranteed number of monthly leads that are not shared with other agents

  • Provides both buyer and seller leads


  • Third-party reviews indicate problems with cancellations and refunds

  • Leads might be unreliable

Runner-Up, Best Overall : BoldLeads

Why We Chose It

BoldLeads provides exclusive leads to real estate agents with an array of features for buyer and seller leads, which is why we named it our runner-up. Customers will also get comprehensive support and training, so you can get to know the system and get up and running quickly.

BoldLeads places ad campaigns on platforms such as Google and Facebook and then draws customers who click on the ads to customized real estate websites where they provide their contact information, which is then sent to local agents. You cancontact and organize your new leads from the built-in CRM.

BoldLeads offers customer support, training, and coaching, as well as videos to help you learn how to accept and manage leads and become familiar with the platform. The company offers three different tiers of service: Lite, Professional, and Advanced.

Although some reviews on the company's website indicate that customers are satisfied with the platform, some third-party reviews complain about low-quality leads and problems cancelling their plans.

Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive customer support

  • Built-in CRM to help agents manage leads

  • Three tiers of service available


  • Some leads may be low-quality

  • Customer reviews indicate problems with cancelling their plans

Best for Automation : Zurple

Why We Chose It

Zurple is our choice for best automation because it offers leads as well as integrated CRM and other automated tools that make contacting and maintaining leads easier and more efficient. Zurple’s automated responses are personalized and data-driven and intelligently engage with clients on your behalf.

Zurple is end-to-end software that captures leads and converts them into conversations and then into clients. It optimizes your marketing budget by only targeting your specific area and can even target specific sub-areas within individual zip codes. You can use Zurple’s targeted ads and combine them with your own leads from places like Zillow. The software can even personalize emails from your email address to contact leads about houses they've already been looking at.

Zurple is easy to set up and offers all the tools you need, including creating and customizing your ads and website, as well as a CRM to manage your leads. It has a blog and success center resources to help you get started.

To get a quote, you must provide your zip code.

Customers have mostly positive things to say about the company. They appreciate that leads are converted into clients. However, some users had poor experiences with customer service, including problems cancelling their plans and being charged after sending cancellation emails. Some third-party reviews indicate problems with customer service responding to requests for assistance.

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Pros & Cons


  • Personalized automated responses to leads

  • Targeted ads can be combined with agents' own leads

  • End-to-end software captures and converts leads


  • Third-party reviews indicate problems with cancellations

  • Some customers complain about poor customer service responsiveness

Best for Finding Buyers : Zillow Premier Agent

Why We Chose It

Zillow Premier Agent is our pick for best real estate lead generation company for finding buyers because it offers leads that are generated directly by Zillow, most of which are buyer leads. It’s the most well-known real estate lead generation company on our list.

Zillow is one of the first sites many potential homebuyers use, so it makes sense that real estate agents would purchase leads here. Agents pay Zillow Premier Agent to be featured on certain pages, which include placement on listings and personalized websites. So, when customers are browsing for homes, they will see the agent’s information and be able to make contact. This is a bit different than how the other lead generation companies work.

You can get started with Zillow Premier Agent by getting in touch with a member of the support team who will go over your marketing budget and desired area and help you navigate the site. Pricing for Zillow Premier Agent varies depending on the area, average home price, and competing agents in that area. There's no monthly minimum or signup fee.

And even though Zillow Premier Agent is different from how other lead-gen companies on our list operate, some third-party reviews praise the quality of the leads found through Zillow Premier Agent while others suggest the leads are of low quality. Others suggested problems with call filtering from leads, including having customers who already had agents patched through.

Pros & Cons


  • Provides leads generated by potential homebuyers on Zillow

  • Prospective buyers can access agents' contact information on Zillow listings


  • Quality of leads may be disappointing

  • Some leads may already be working with agents

Best for Getting Listings : Offrs

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Why We Chose It

Offrs is our best choice for seller leads because it has online home evaluation tools and predictions for potential home sellers to become leads as well as a built-in CRM to keep track of those leads.

New Offrs clients schedule a 30-minute session with a specialist to learn more about what the company offers, its pricing, and how to set up a lead generation system and apps. It also offers custom options for brokerages with agent rollout and apps for every agent.

It has mixed reviews with some customers receiving quality seller leads that they closed and finding the software easy to use. However, others didn’t receive any leads or any that were qualified or even looking to sell their home.

Pros & Cons


  • Predictions for potential home sellers to become leads

  • Built-in CRM to track leads

  • For sale by owner leads


  • Some clients complain of low-quality leads

Best for Social Media : Zoho CRM

Why We Chose It

Zoho is our top lead generation company for social media because it can easily be used to capture Facebook or Twitter leads, as well as leads from websites and emails.

It offers a free trial and features opportunity tracking over an entire sales cycle. It can also track the competition and features an app, live support and training, webinars, prospecting tools, and lead tracking. Zoho's software can help you manage your pipeline of leads once they come in. Customers can take advantage of different support plan options in which they contact support to help get set up and access webinars and online training.

Zoho's pricing is between $14 per user month and $52 per user per month when billed annually depending on the plan. Rates are higher If you pay monthly. A limited, free version is available, and custom plans may be available as well.

Some customers complain about being overcharged and poor customer service. However, other customers like its marketing tools and integration with compatible products and think it’s a good value.

Pros & Cons


  • Easily used to capture Facebook and Twitter leads

  • Offers a free trial

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  • Priced between $14 and $52 per month when billed annually


  • Poor customer service

  • Customers complain about being overcharged

Best Price : REDX

Why We Chose It

REDX is our best-priced option because of its a la carte pricing with no setup fees, which allows you to pay for what you want and nothing more. Its monthly prices are reasonable, and you can combine leads for a more robust prospecting campaign.

REDX's leads are specific to the real estate industry and uses aggregate data from public records to source leads. Every lead they provide includes contact information.

REDX focuses primarily on seller leads and includes pre-foreclosures, expired listings, for sale by owners, for rent by owners (FRBO), hard-to-find contact information for homeowners, and its Power Dialer feature, which helps you contact more sellers quickly. It offers online training, tutorials, and unlimited customer support.

Agents can start using REDX right away by contacting customer support and watching tutorial videos for additional help. Pricing varies depending on the lead source. For example, for sale by owner (FSBO) and pre-foreclosure leads are $39.99 per month, GeoLeads are $59.99 per month, expired leads are $59.99 per month, and FRBOs are $79.99 per month. The Power Dialer has a few pricing options but costs $99.99 per month with a single line.

While few customer reviews exist, most of the ones we found are positive and highlight that the expired leads are current and updated. Even so, some complaints center around poor customer service.

Pros & Cons


  • A la carte pricing with no setup fees

  • Leads include pre-foreclosures, expired listings, for sale by owners, for rent by owners, and hard-to-find lead contact information

  • Reviews suggest leads are current and frequently updated


  • Some customer reviews suggest problems with customer service

CompanyBest ForFeatures
Market LeaderOverallBuyer and seller leads; marketing automation; customizable website; mobile app; customer relationship management (CRM)
BoldLeadsRunner-UpBuyer and seller leads; automated follow-ups; software coaching, like video training; all-in-one platform with its own CRM; text concierge and email templates; lead engagement indicator tools
ZurpleAutomationBuyer and seller leads; automated, personalized, data-driven emails from your e-mail address; Zillow, Trulia, and integration; CRM; complete online profile of each lead; lead contact alerts
Zillow Premier AgentFinding BuyersBuyer and seller leads; CRM; customer support and training; personal webpage; Zillow branding; marketing templates
OffrsGetting ListingsSeller leads; CRM; for sale by owner leads; expired listing leads; apps to access leads; location-based homeowner data; template builder
ZohoSocial MediaBuyer and seller leads; social media and email lead capture; customized reports; management tools to assist with assigning leads; real estate CRM and marketing tools
REDXPriceMultiple types of real estate seller leads; geo-focused leads; training and support; prospecting platform; help with lead conversions and management systems; leads verified against active listings and do not call lists; built-in scripts

Final Verdict

Real estate agents rely on leads to close their deals. But not every real estate lead generation company offers the right tools for that job.

After reviewing companies based on the types of leads provided, the sources of leads, cost, and customer service criteria, we chose Market Leader as our best overall pick. But if Market Leader doesn't offer what you or your firm needs, you can also find quality choices in BoldLeads, Zurple, Zillow Premier Agent, Offrs, Zoho, and REDX.

Questions & Answers

What Are Real Estate Lead Generation Companies?

A real estate lead generation company is a platform that helps agents attract prospective clients (either buyers or sellers), known as leads, to a certain agency or broker. A lead generation company will run ads and market to prospective clients when they visit sites such as Google, Zillow, or Facebook and look for houses. Then the company will sell you that person’s contact information if you purchased leads in the area that they’re looking in. However, these companies don’t guarantee that these leads will close or that they will even respond to you when you contact them.

How Does Real Estate Lead Generation Work?

Real estate lead generation is a marketing and advertising process which stimulates interest in either a house for sale or a realtor to work with. This interest is then turned into a sales pipeline with the goal of turning the lead into a client, who then closes a deal by either buying or selling a house through an agent.

Agents and brokers generate leads in different ways, including via social media, referrals, their own network, open houses, and from lead generation companies. Leads are what keep a real estate brokerage in business. A closed lead provides a commission check to the agent and a check to the brokerage.

How Much Do Real Estate Leads Cost?

Real estate lead generation companies offer different prices depending on the location and number of leads selected. Some have onboarding fees of a couple of hundred dollars and others have no upfront fees but charge monthly fees of hundreds of dollars or more, plus per lead costs which can range from a few dollars all the way up to thousands of dollars. Typically, leads in popular housing markets are more expensive to purchase because the company knows the listing prices are high and commissions from successful sales will also be considerably higher.

Usually, you pay for leads monthly and can decide on a set budget or change it up depending on how business is going.

Is Buying Real Estate Leads Worth the Cost?

Most agents know that, in order to keep up with today’s buyers and sellers, they need to have an online presence. Buying online leads is worth it if you don’t already have a big network or referrals but want to grow your business. You have to decide what your monthly marketing budget is going to be and how to best allocate the funds to decide if it’s worth it to buy leads. Investing in lead generation is only worthwhile if you’re going to be diligent and consistent with following up on each and every lead.

How We Chose the Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

As part of this review, we looked at over a dozen real estate lead generation companies before deciding on our top picks. We evaluated each company based on the number and types of leads they offer and lead quality, as well as features, pricing, customer reviews, and more before deciding on our list of the best lead-gen companies available.

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How do I choose a lead generation agency? ›

Choosing Your B2B Lead Generation Agency
  1. They Know and Deliver Strategy. Your company might be thriving this season. ...
  2. They Work with Marketing and Sales. ...
  3. They Have a Proven Methodology. ...
  4. They Have an Experienced Team with Cross-Functionality. ...
  5. They're Transparent. ...
  6. They Can Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses.
9 Sept 2022

What is kvCORE? ›

kvCORE is an all-inclusive real estate platform for the modern brokerage. By offering the industry's most robust lead generation and beautiful, customizable IDX websites, kvCORE is the perfect solution to jump-start any real estate business.

Is lead generation a good business? ›

A lead generation business is a fantastic way for anyone with practical sales and marketing skills to offer a valuable service to other businesses with proven demand. You don't need to build a product, can use tried and tested strategies, and don't need to reinvent the wheel to see results.

Is lead a generation? ›

What is lead generation? Lead generation is the process of generating consumer interest for a product or service with the goal of turning that interest into a sale. In online marketing this typically involves collecting a visitor's contact information (called a “lead”) via a web form.

What is the best B2B lead generation list company? ›

The Best B2B Lead Generation Companies
  • Belkins. Drive Your Growth With Belkins. ...
  • CIENCE Technologies. Human-driven & Machine-powered Lead Gen Services. ...
  • Martal Group. N. ...
  • Strategic Sales & Marketing. MAJOR ACCOUNT LEAD GEN SINCE 1989 - US BASED. ...
  • UAM. ...
  • SocialBloom. ...
  • Cleverly.

What should I ask a lead generation company? ›

7 Questions You Should Ask Lead Generation Companies
  • What type of company are you? ...
  • What is the price of your services? ...
  • What are your techniques/process? ...
  • How are leads qualified? ...
  • What technology do you work with? ...
  • What experience and reputation do you have? ...
  • If any, what are your guarantees/terms of service?
22 Aug 2017

Does eXp Realty provide leads? ›

At eXp Realty, you can pay $250 per month to receive leads. That's a minimal cost, especially since the program generates between 10-25 leads per month.

What CRM does eXp Realty use? ›

Under this new relationship, CINC will become eXp's primary enterprise lead generation and CRM platform for eXp's 1800 agents in the U.S and Canada. To date, CINC has been heralded by high performing teams as the most effective online lead generation and CRM platform on the market.

What industry pays the most for leads? ›

Healthcare and insurance have among the highest cost per lead, so when you're in health insurance, the combination of those two, you're bound to have a high CPL. And indeed, health insurance is among the most expensive industries to advertise in.

Can you make money with lead generation? ›

The lead gen business model can be lucrative, but it can also be very passive if you are using organic traffic sources, especially similar to those found with AdSense or Amazon affiliate sites.

How much do companies pay for leads? ›

Average Cost per Lead by Company Size
Company SizeCPL Ave
1,001+ employees$349
201-1000 employees$212
51-200 employees$180
2-50 employees$147
21 Jul 2022

How can I generate leads fast? ›

Here are five foolproof ways to generate leads for your business:
  1. Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are one of the best ways to drive leads. ...
  2. Personalized email marketing. ...
  3. Discounts and coupons. ...
  4. High-value content. ...
  5. Referral Partnerships.
30 Aug 2022

What are the 3 approaches of lead generation? ›

So, there we go, the three best lead generation methods: search engines, content marketing, and of course, social media.

What comes after lead generation? ›

Sales qualified leads will move onto the next stage, while marketing qualified leads will continue to be nurtured until they are sales-ready. Once a lead is determined to be sales-ready it will be passed onto the sales team where the transaction will take place.

What are lead generation companies? ›

Lead generation companies collect consumer and B2B data and sell it to businesses looking to buy new leads. They use different methods to segment and categorize the data to make sure the buyers get relevant contacts.

What is lead generation in Linkedin? ›

Lead generation is an indispensable part of business. If you want to have paying customers, you need to gather a reliable stream of leads. That's the bottom line. But generating leads isn't as easy as one might think. In fact, it requires quite a bit of finesse and a whole lot of time.

How do you make leads in HubSpot? ›

In your HubSpot account, navigate to Contacts > Contacts. Click the name of the contact you want to register. To register the contact and their website domain as a lead, in the right panel, Lead Registration section, enter their information in the required fields and click Request registration.

How do you get quality leads? ›

8 Ways to Drive Higher Quality Leads

Co-develop lead generation programs with your sales team's input. Get input from sales on target companies and contacts. Rigorously qualify ALL leads against your ULD and pass only qualified leads to your sales team. Leverage effective lead management practices.

How can I generate more sales? ›

Increase sales
  1. INTRODUCE NEW PRODUCTS OR SERVICE. Provide a broader range of products or services for your clients. ...

How do I get free leads for my business? ›

  1. Send effective emails. Email is arguably the most popular channel for lead generation, and for good reason. ...
  2. Track your website visitors. ...
  3. Leverage social media. ...
  4. Improve your Aesthetic. ...
  5. Optimize your blog content. ...
  6. Utilize guest posts. ...
  7. Partner with an influencer. ...
  8. Increase customer referrals.
13 Jul 2022

Is kvCORE owned by eXp? ›

KVCore is the website and client management system (CRM) provided to eXp agents through our third partner relationship with "Inside Real Estate". Inside Real Estate is the parent company of KVCore.

How much does Brivity cost? ›

Brivity CRM has 3 different plans: Brivity CRM Basic at $83.42 per month. Brivity CRM Team at $119.25 per month. Brivity CRM Brokerage at $159.25 per month.

How much is Skyslope a month? ›

Skyslope vs. Dotloop vs. Paperless Pipeline: Reviews
SkyslopePaperless Pipeline
PricingFrom $299 per month.From $75 per month.
UsersAgent-number-based pricing.Unlimited at no extra cost.
Long-term contract1 year contract.No annual contracts. Cancel any time.
Setup and training$500 training fee.Free guided setup and training.
3 more rows

Why are agents leaving eXp? ›

Real Estate Agents Leave The Business

The first reason a real estate agent might leave eXp Realty is money. More specifically, many real estate agents feel like they're not making enough money. This is why so many agents leave the business entirely every year. This issue hits all brokerages equally, for the most part.

What is the difference between Keller Williams and eXp? ›

Keller Williams is a franchise model. It breaks up countries into regions, which sell franchises or “Market-centers” to individuals looking to open an office. eXp Realty, on the other hand, is one independent brokerage with no territories, regions, or franchise locations.

Is XP a 100% commission? ›

eXp Realty's revolutionary virtual-office business model does away with the added costs of a traditional brick-and-mortar brokerage. Keep 80-100% of your commissions, and enjoy a low company cap.

Why is eXp Realty different? ›

About eXp Realty

What sets eXp Realty apart, is that it uniquely offers its real estate agents opportunities to earn company stock for production and contributions to overall company growth.

Is eXp Realty a MLM? ›

Is eXp Realty a Multi-level Marketing Company? The answer to this question is yes and no. eXp Realty is a real estate brokerage first and foremost. It doesn't even fall onto Wikipedia's extensive list of multi-level marketing companies.

What does eXp stand for? ›

Exp may stand for: Exponential function, in mathematics. Expiry date of organic compounds like food or medicines. Experience points, in role-playing games. EXPTIME, a complexity class in computing.

How do I find leads for my digital marketing agency? ›

Finding clients for digital marketing agencies
  1. Focus on high-quality lead magnets. ...
  2. Use content marketing to showcase knowledge. ...
  3. Implement account-based marketing strategies. ...
  4. Run PPC Lead Generation ads. ...
  5. Work with the right influencers. ...
  6. Take advantage of marketing automation. ...
  7. Use referral marketing.
18 Mar 2022

Where can I find leads for marketing? ›

Top 7 Sales Lead Sources
  • Referrals. Referrals from your best clients are your best source of quality leads. ...
  • Former Clients. ...
  • Competitors. ...
  • Business & Sales Intelligence Tools. ...
  • Google Resources. ...
  • LinkedIn. ...
  • Relationship Marketing.
27 Jul 2022

What is a lead generation strategy? ›

Accordingly, lead generation—often shortened to “lead gen”—is simply the process of filling your sales funnel with people who are interested in your business. Anything that gets someone to give you permission to contact them or remarket to them is a lead generation tactic.

How do you generate leads digitally? ›

How Can You Get Started with Lead Generation for Your Business?
  1. Basic local SEO.
  2. Claim your free Google My Business directory listing and optimise it.
  3. Publish content frequently on your website/blog.
  4. Guest post on relevant websites to your industry.
  5. Get active on social media.
  6. Run paid search ads.
  7. Run social media ads.

How do creative agencies get clients? ›

Research has shown that agencies usually end up on a client's shortlist by recommendation. A whopping 93% of marketing agencies rely on referrals to generate all their new business. What's more, 80% of clients will recommend you to another client if you just ask.

What is an example of lead generation? ›

What is lead generation? Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects to your business and increasing their interest through nurturing, all with the end goal of converting them into a customer. Some ways to generate leads are through job applications, blog posts, coupons, live events, and online content.

How do you get leads fast? ›

Here are five foolproof ways to generate leads for your business:
  1. Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are one of the best ways to drive leads. ...
  2. Personalized email marketing. ...
  3. Discounts and coupons. ...
  4. High-value content. ...
  5. Referral Partnerships.
30 Aug 2022

How can I get leads without paying? ›

  1. Send effective emails. Email is arguably the most popular channel for lead generation, and for good reason. ...
  2. Track your website visitors. ...
  3. Leverage social media. ...
  4. Improve your Aesthetic. ...
  5. Optimize your blog content. ...
  6. Utilize guest posts. ...
  7. Partner with an influencer. ...
  8. Increase customer referrals.
13 Jul 2022

What companies buy leads? ›

17 businesses that allow you to buy leads legally
  • 1 - Cognism. Cognism is the best way to buy leads online. ...
  • 2 - ZoomInfo. ZoomInfo is a data provider that empowers corporate teams with business to business sales leads. ...
  • 3 - Lusha. ...
  • 4 - MegaLeads. ...
  • 5 - D&B Hoovers™ ...
  • 6 - Uplead. ...
  • 7 - DiscoverOrg. ...
  • 8 - Seamless.AI.
4 May 2022

What is the best lead generation site? ›

Here is the list of top 10 lead generation websites:
  • HubSpot. Hubspot is one of the popular and informative lead generation websites in 2022. ...
  • AeroLeads. ...
  • B2B Lead Blog. ...
  • DeskMoz. ...
  • Traffic Generation Café ...
  • Convince and Convert. ...
  • Marketo. ...
  • Point Clear.
3 Mar 2020

What are the three approaches of lead generation? ›

So, there we go, the three best lead generation methods: search engines, content marketing, and of course, social media.


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